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The 1997 Dark Shadows Festival

Cathy Vocke's 1997 DS Festival Pics

Cindy Yeats' 1997 DS Festival Pics

Craigy's 1997 Festival Pics, Sounds, more

Guardian's 1997 DS Festival Pics

Nancy's 1997 DS Festival Pics

Squidkid13's 1997 DS Festival Pics

Thom Jenkins' 1997 Dark Shadows Festival Pics

Dracula 97 Convention

1 Lara Parker & Kathryn Leigh Scott pic

1 Collinsport Players pic

1 Kathryn Leigh Scott pic

1 Lara Parker & Kathryn Leigh Scott pic

2 Collinsports Players pics from "Curtains"

1997 Dark Shadows Halloween Festival Pics

DS Collins Assn. - Ed Lambese

Jean's 1997 Halloween Festival Pics

Guardian's 1997 Halloween Festival Pics

1997 DS Halloween Party - BramwellC (Robert Miller)

Thom Jenkins' 1997 Halloween Festival Pics