‘Dark Shadows’ To Return?

It was a classic soap opera in the ‘60s-early ‘70s and was
unsuccessfully revived in the early ‘90s. Now, according to
the New York Post, Dan Curtis Productions is shopping
around Dark Shadows once again as a one-hour prime-time
television series with hopes of launching by Fall 1999. David
Kennedy, executive vice-president of DCP revealed to the
paper, "We are discussing it for prime time but I can't tell
you for whom. It would be untoward for me to do that at this

The Post also reports the official Dark Shadows newsletter
mentioning that Curtis is in negotiations with NBC, the
network which carried the last incarnation of the series.
Kennedy commented on the story saying simply that it was
"not true."

As yet, there is no word on the casting of a new series.
There’s also no word on what, if any, effect this series might
have on Curtis’ attempts to make a Dark Shadows
theatrical feature as reported way back on March 3rd.