2003 Dark Shadows Fest pics courtesy of

JamesDavid, Mary and CalamityJane

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Kathryn Leigh Scott, Marie Wallace, Diana Millay, Chris Pennock & James Storm.

John Karlen, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker & Terry Crawford.

Mary, JamesDavid, ProfStokes & Toni together Friday night seeing John Karlen and the other DS stars.

Richard Halpern, James Storm, Diana Millay, Marie Wallace & John Karlen.

James Storm & JamesDavid. When he signed my autograph, he stopped writing and I said my name and he said he was thinking what to write. LOL.

James Storm playing the guitar.

A statue at Newport on the walk to the Black Pearl restaurant.

Jeannie, Mary & Toni eating in the Black Pearl restaurant.

A picture of the sign at the Black Pearl restaurant.

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