Louis Edmonds Hospitalized!

(courtesy of Alane on AOL)

Craig Hamrick, an author and friend of Lou Edmonds, reports that 
the actor - who played Roger Collins on Dark Shadows - has been 
hospitalized again with pneumonia.

The prayers of all his friends and fans are certainly with him during 
this latest bout with illness. In the past, these well wishes 
have meant quite a lot to Mr. Edmonds in his recovery.

Dark Shadows Online

If you'd like to send along some well wishes to Louis, here is an address:

Mr. Louis Edmonds, c/o Clique Publishing P.O. Box 1351 Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163

Or, if you want to send an email greeting, AOL member Shebastorm is collecting them and will sent them all together to Craig to give to Mr. Edmonds.

Send your email to Shebastorm@aol.com