TV Land

The following news is from the "Dark Shadows: The Online Museum". Excerpted message follows:

On Saturday, March 14, we got the answer from Dan Curtis Productions in Beverly Hills regarding the future of "Dark Shadows" repeats:

Dan Curtis Productions ask fans to stop contacting the US Sci-Fi Channel regarding "Dark Shadows"... they will not be showing "Dark Shadows" again ... 5 good years was considered to be enough.

We would like fans to turn their energies from Sci-Fi and direct them toward cable station TV-LAND.

TV LAND's address is:

Director of Programming


1515 Broadway

New York, New York 10036

Email: nickmail@nick.com

Ask them to forward your email to Programming at TV LAND.

The full story will be in the next issue of the "Dark Shadows Journal". For subscription details, e-mail: stuart.manning@virgin.net


Stuart Manning,

Editor, the "Dark Shadows Journal"