Below are some pictures of my Dark Shadows version of the board game Clue. You can see some of the corresponding Room, Weapon and Suspect cards.

The Rooms are:

The Westwing, Quentin's Room, Eagle Hill, The Mausoleum, The Drawing Room, The Foyer, The Landing, Rose Cottage and The Old House.

Weapons include the original Clue weapons with a different look: knife, rope, lead pipe, candlestick, revolver and the wrench, as well as some additonal Dark Shadows type weapons that I added ...which include:

The Hand of Count Petofi, A Stake, Nightshade, I-Ching Wands, a Voodoo Doll and a Wolf's Head Cane!.

There are 8 Suspects in my version. They are:

Barnabas Collins, Nicholas Blair, Prof. Stokes, Quentin Collins, Angelique Bouchard, Victoria Winters, Dr.Julia Hoffman and Carolyn Stoddard.

As you can see from the pictures I have added another dimension, in that each player has a "stand up" of the character they are representing. Each player also has a color co-ordinated score sheet based on the color associated with their respective character.