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Dark Shadows Chats On The Internet

Undernet Chats

Regularly scheduled chats are at 11 p.m. ET on Saturday nights on the Undernet group called #Dark_Shadows.

Or try the DS Undernet channel #Collinwood the first Saturday of the month at 10 pm ET.

I recommend that you use Turbo Pirch3 Click "Download" in the left hand column.

Undernet Chat Info

Or take your chances with one of these "telnet" sites. Just keep hitting "Return" or "Enter" until you are promted for a "Nickname". Choose one that you think is unique. Then keep hitting "Return" or "Enter" until you reach a page with messages scrolling up the screen. Then type "/join #Dark_Shadows" (without the quotes).

Telnet1 Europe Telnet2 Europe Wildstar 1 Wildstar 2 Wildstar 3 Wildstar 4

As a last resort, try these two:

Telnet1 Europe (Ansi) Telnet2 Europe (Ansi)

After you're connected type "/join #Dark_Shadows" (without the quotes). When you have finished chatting, type "/quit" (without the quotes).

Oh girls just wanna have fun!!

Dark Shadows Chats on AOL

Each Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET. Go keyword "Dark Shadows" and once you have reached Dark Shadows Online, click "Collinwood Drawing Room".